Yes cladding can be painted. It’s crucial that specialist paints are used on the cladding to stop UV deterioration, rust and corrosion.

You can choose any colour you like for cladding coating. We have a range of colours you can choose form.

Commercial spray painting is a professional service that employs spray technology to apply paint or coatings to commercial buildings, structures, and surfaces, resulting in a smooth and consistent finish. This method is particularly suitable for sizable projects where efficiency and durability are paramount.

Practically any surface, whether it’s metal, wood, concrete, or plastic, can undergo spray painting. This adaptability makes it applicable to various commercial endeavors, spanning from buildings and warehouses to machinery and vehicles.

The lifespan of a commercial spray paint job relies on factors like the paint type, surface prep, and environmental conditions. We ensure top-notch quality by offering high-grade paints and materials, backed by a 20-year guarantee.

Cost of commercial painting varies based upon the size of the project, types of paints that will be used, surface, prep work and many more factors. A technical review from commercial painting experts will give you an estimate on costings.

The duration of a cladding spraying project depends on the size of the project, book an initial assessment here to get a more accurate timeline on on your project.

Yes commercial painting can be done in occupied building as long as there is proper planning in place.

Our commercial painting specialists use low-VOC paints to reduce the impact it has on the environment, this doesn’t stop us from maintaining a high quality finish.

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